Maple 3 maple water selected as one of the best waters in the world!

Sparkling Maple Water Cheers with Friends

Quebec, October 16th 2018



A Canadian company finalist at the Global Bottled Water Awards.


Maple 3 maple water earned its way to the Global Bottled Water Awards 2018 finals, which is intended to recognize the best waters in the world.


The Canadian company will be competing against some of the worlds’ giants in the water sector and will be in Évian on October 23 to participate in the finale in the “Best Flavoured Water” and “Best New Water Concept” categories.

Sparkling Maple Water Cheers with Friends

A world-renowned contest

The Global Water Bottled Awards is an annual contest organized by Zenith Global, expert in the food and drinks industry. If Maple 3 was among some of the most prominent companies in the world, it is for the authenticity of its maple water, its naturalness and its health benefits. Invited to attend this symposium on world innovations and to attend the award ceremony, the Maple 3 team will fly to Evian, a French city well known for its mineral water.


A great Canadian natural resource rewarded

Stephane Nolet, Yannick Leclerc and Guillaume Crouzet, the young entrepreneurs behind Maple 3, started to market their water in 2016.


Their thirst for the purest water brought them to choose nature as their laboratory. Their bottles are filled with one ingredient: maple water. Full of electrolytes and minerals, and naturally low in calories, this water, tailor-made by nature and harvested straight from maple trees, is an optimal hydration solution for all active and healthy people. 


“ This is exactly the type of emblematic product that we want the world to discover! ”

- Guillaume Crouzet, Marketing Manager at Maple 3

After five years of research and development, the company is now ready to expand and export across the world. Increasing its presence in Canada, this recognition will help Maple 3 to accelerate its international distribution. The company already exports in nearly 10 countries including China, Japan, France and India.


Maple 3 at Global Bottled Awards

A fast-growing market

Its nomination among the best waters in the world coincides with the lightning fast growth of the plant-based water market around the world. According to the Global Alternative Waters 2017 from Zenith Global consultants, “the plant-based water market is forecast to double in size and reach US$5.4 billion by 2020”, twice its value in 2016.


This growth is in line with a growing new societal trend: consumers’ desire to consume more responsibly, to choose quality products and to take better care for their health.

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