Maple 3 s'associe avec l'Organisation bleue!

Maple 3 s'associe avec l'Organisation bleue!

We are very excited to announce the beginning of our collaboration with the Blue Organization, a non-profit organization that promotes the preservation and conservation of the blue planet. Founded in 2018, this organization aims to create a new culture of science, through the combination of science outreach and creative media. This allows for a rethinking of environmental awareness around enriching experiences in the face of climate change. The Blue Organization is mobilizing to create a positive impact and generate unique experiences for youth and the community. By mobilizing on the water, underwater and on the shoreline, they organize all kinds of clean-up activities to raise awareness.



Shared Values

Maple 3 and the Blue Organization care about the environment, biodiversity conservation and ocean pollution. At Maple 3, the preservation of our waterways is at the very heart of our product quality. We believe it is crucial to raise awareness about the preservation of our oceans and water quality. That's why we want to educate and mobilize people with this partnership to have a positive impact on the future of our blue gold.


Blue Expedition

For this first expedition, we supported their project called the Blue Expedition. This expedition consisted of studying and documenting plastic pollution in order to bear witness to climate change in the heart of the St. Lawrence River while cleaning up the riverbanks. Aboard the sailboat Ecomaris and a crew led by 7 women, the sailboat set sail for Sept-Îles for 3 weeks at sea. 

Off Sept-Îles, they took their first sampling to measure microplastics in the river. During the expedition, they scoured the shoreline for plastic waste buried in the sand, clinging to tall grass, and carried by the tides. The women on the expedition mention that in Rocky Harbour as well as on the southern flank of Anticosti, the shorelines were filled with trash, rocky miles filled with garbage every two square centimeters. 

They quote in their logbook "Scanning the shoreline, it's a no-brainer that it's so worth it. Reducing our plastic consumption at the source, we keep coming back to it." They think of all the positive changes that could happen, if all institutions, in solidarity, would commit to protecting the river. 🌎

To learn more about their expedition, we invite you to read their exciting logbooks!

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