Maple sap was once collected in metal buckets back in the days

Maple 3 Maple Water Harvest
Why the Name Maple 3 ? 

Our brand is named Maple 3 after the address of our first sugar shack. In fact, this sugar bush is located in the region of Chaudière-appalaches (Quebec) on the land lot #3 and directly on Maple Street. 

Moreover, the number 3 was simply a lucky number for us and is also referring to the funny mispronounciation Quebecers do when they say the words "three" and "tree". The way we pronounce Maple 3 will often be heard as either "Maple Tree" or "Maple three", which is quite funny to French speaking people,  as Maple Tree (Maple 3) also refers to the fact that maple water is harvested straight from the trees ! 

Maple 3 Logo

Why is maple water good for me ? 

Maple 3 water is organic, 100% natural as the water comes directly from the maple trees. There is no added sugar, no preservative and no coloring in our products. Maple water contains over 46 essential nutrient compounds including vitamins and minerals, helping you stay more hydrated than with regular water. 

To know more on why to drink maple water.


Where can I find Maple 3 ? 

You can find Maple 3 in more than 10 countries at this point, from Canada all the way to Europe and Korea ! For any inquiries, contact us at info@maple3.ca .

You can purchase Maple 3 products online (Canada and US) and through traditional distribution in grocery stores, cafes and bakeries.

Find the nearest store near you: https://maple3.ca/pages/store-locator 



How is maple water harvested? Here are the steps from the tree to you:

1. Creation
3. Filtration
4. Bottling

Maple 3 works with few but large organic maple farm producers in different areas of the province of Quebec to source the best quality of water available during the maple season (spring). 

Here is a picture showing a full truck load of maple sap being transported to the bottling facility.

Maple 3 Water Truck Transportation


Here is a picture showing how maple farms collected maple water back in the days:

Maple Water Collected in Metal buckets from trees


Picture showing how large maple farms collect maple water using food grade tubing system:

Maple Water Collected from Trees with a Tubing System

Maple 3 maple water is, on the contrary, not collected with metal bins. The sap flows straight from the tree into food grade bassin through a tubing system. Once in the bassins, it will rapidly be filtered and sterilized before being bottled. Our unique filtration process allows us to ensure a superior quality maple water naturally filled with minerals and electrolytes and very refreshing to taste.

Here is a picture showing blue tubes transporting maple sap from the trees to the silo (for storage before it is filtered).

Maple 3 Maple Water Stored in a Tanker at the maple farm

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