Maple sap was once collected in metal buckets back in the days

Maple 3 Maple Water Harvest
Why the Name Maple 3 ? 


Our brand, Maple 3, takes its name from the location of our very first sugar shack. Situated in the Chaudière-Appalaches region of Quebec, our sugar bush is located on land lot #3, right on Maple Street. The number 3 holds special significance for us, as it's not only tied to our first location but also draws a humorous connection to the way Quebecers often mispronounce "three" and "tree." When French speakers hear the name Maple 3, it often sounds like "Maple Tree" or "Maple Three." This whimsical twist resonates with our mission of harvesting maple water directly from the trees.

Maple 3 Logo

Why is maple water good for me ? 

Maple 3 water is 100% organic and entirely natural, as it's sourced directly from maple trees. Our products contain no added sugar, preservatives, or artificial coloring. Maple water is a rich source of over 46 essential nutrient compounds, including vitamins and minerals, which can help keep you better hydrated compared to regular water.

Learn more about the benefits of drinking maple water why to drink maple water.


Where can I find Maple 3 ? 

You can find Maple 3 in more than 10 countries at this point, from Canada all the way to Europe and Korea ! For any inquiries, contact us at info@maple3.ca .

You can purchase Maple 3 products online (Canada and US) and through traditional distribution in grocery stores, cafes and bakeries.

Find the nearest store near you: https://maple3.ca/pages/store-locator 



How is maple water harvested? Here are the steps from the tree to you:

  1. Creation: In the fall, as the weather turns colder, maple trees draw water from their roots to extract the nutrients and minerals they need for hibernation throughout the winter.

  2. Sourcing: During the spring freeze/thaw period, known as the sugaring-off season, the naturally filtered and enriched water flows out from the trees. Qualified maple growers carefully source this water without harming the trees.

  3. Filtration: The water is then channeled through tubing to a pumping station, where mechanical filtration and quality control processes are applied to select the best-quality water.

  4. Bottling: A pasteurization process is employed to eliminate impurities completely. We retain only the finest elements of maple water: its minerals, electrolytes, and natural flavor. The maple water is bottled and packaged in controlled conditions using carefully selected equipment to preserve its full flavor and freshness.

  5. Hydration: Maple 3 maple water boasts a delightfully refreshing mouthfeel and can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Whether you're in the midst of a workout, mixing cocktails, or enhancing your smoothies, this low-calorie beverage offers a unique taste and high-quality naturally occurring sugars.

As Maple 3 now bottles hundreds of thousands of liters of maple water each year, our original sugar bush is no longer sufficient to meet the demand. We collaborate with a select group of large organic maple farm producers in various regions of the province of Quebec to ensure we source the highest quality water available during the maple season (spring).

See the image of a full truckload of maple sap being transported to the bottling facility

Maple 3 Water Truck Transportation


Here is a picture showing how maple farms collected maple water back in the days:

Maple Water Collected in Metal buckets from trees


Picture showing how large maple farms collect maple water using food grade tubing system:

Maple Water Collected from Trees with a Tubing System

Contrastingly, Maple 3 maple water is not collected using metal bins. Instead, sap flows directly from the trees into food-grade basins through a tubing system. Once in the basins, it undergoes rapid filtration and sterilization before being bottled. Our unique filtration process guarantees superior-quality maple water, naturally rich in minerals and electrolytes, and refreshingly flavorful.

Maple 3 Maple Water Stored in a Tanker at the maple farm

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