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Why Drink Maple Water?

Pourquoi boire de l'eau d'érable?

Il y a de nombreux avantages à rester hydraté. Entre autres, il fournit plus d'énergie, augmente la concentration, aide à la digestion et au bon fonctionnement des systèmes de l'organisme et pourrait même aider à avoir une meilleure humeur et une meilleure concentration [1]. Les experts et les sources scientifiques disent qu'il faut généralement boire entre 2 et 4 litres d'eau par jour pour compenser les pertes quotidiennes (urine, transpiration, etc.) [2]. Des études affirment également que les sucres raffinés peuvent entraîner des problèmes de diabète, des problèmes cardiovasculaires et même le cancer [3]. Il est donc idéal de ne...

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bienfaits de l'érable

The Benefits of Maple

A little visit to the sugar shack will give you more than pleasure. In addition to being delicious, maple products have several beneficial properties for your health. So, consider incorporating them into your diet now. Here are some of its benefits. The properties of maple sap Maple water and sap contain phenolic compounds and flavonoids. These compounds are recognized for their powerful antioxidant effect. Maple water is said to have antimutagenic properties (opposing substances liable to introduce mutations) which vary according to the season and the method of production. Just like maple syrup, water and sap have amino acid and...

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Great benefits of Maple Water Hydration

 The craze for maple water is booming due to its unique taste and health benefits, and this product is now occupying an important place on the shelves of grocery stores. Maple water is primarily used as an ingredient in making maple syrup. The Quebec maple industry, however, invested heavily in the early 2000s to make it a product in its own right. "As producers, we drink maple water during the sugaring season, some freeze it to flavor coffees during the year," argues the president of the Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers (FPAQ) , Serge Beaulieu. However, maple syrup producers...

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Maple 3 Maple Water Mixt Pack

Global Overview of Naturally Healthy Beverages

Key trends in a crowded and competitive market for health-positioned drinks Not everyone’s understanding of the term “natural” is the same, however, consumers walking down supermarket aisles all have an eye out for products with labels or packaging bearing the term. Euromonitor International’s research findings show that the description of “natural” is a self-governed practice from the manufacturer’s perspective; there is no conclusive and scientific definition for the term “natural” as it relates to foods and beverages.  The lack of a clear definition may cause confusion or harm the believability of natural claims. In view of the mindful eating trend,...

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